Adoption Support


What is Adoption Support?

Adoption Support is a way of giving children and young people positive experiences and short breaks; it also supports parents to understand and manage their children’s and young people’s behaviours/feelings.


Our support helps increase confidence and builds resilience.

Young people value being with others who have been adopted and have shared experiences. . Our programme of therapeutic residential camps and short breaks helps build the confidence and self-esteem of adopted young people, whilst offering you a valuable period of respite.

Our therapeutic residential camps for  6- 21 year olds and our non-residential short breaks have been developed to be active, nurturing, fun and creative. They include activities such as Bush craft, Animal care, Cycling, walking, climbing and high ropes courses. Activities are designed so that all young people can achieve, and the variety ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Our camps can help children in many ways: 

  • Peer group support to build identity and reduce isolation

  • Confidence building through team activities

  • Improved self-esteem by making new friends and successfully overcoming challenges in a safe environment

The residential camps have been developed to be active, nurturing, fun and creative. They provide adventure and create a memorable and meaningful experience.

Family Camps

We know that bringing parents and children together in a Therapeutic Environment can support them to address difficulties and see each other in different perspectives.


Attunement is an important factor in parent-child relationships. This involves the dynamic and complex patterns of sensitive mutual understandings and interactions between children and their parents. Attunement is characterised by correspondences in biological, affective, cognitive, and behavioural domains.


 "When interactions with caregivers fall out of attunement by becoming mistimed or mismatched, children and parents both experience distress” (2015) Coburn, Crnic & Ross Infant and Child Development, 24, 20


Working with the DDP model and Theraplay can support attunement and positive relationships to build.


The family camps bring parents and children together to address areas of need and allow fun times in a positive (and different/neutral) environment.


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