Our Directors are trained in DDP and between them have over 70 years experience of working with young people with complex needs in settings ranging from fieldwork, secure units, residential care, outpatient CAMHS work, Multi-Systemic Therapy and commissioning. Our specialist therapeutic lead as well as operations Director are HCPC registered.


The PLACE was established in January 2014 with the mission statement to provide outstanding and nurturing therapeutic care for young people in a rural setting, surrounding them with DDP-model parenting, providing positive outcomes for all young people in our care. The PLACE aims to have an ethical approach to childcare, changing the face of residential care providing a highly nurturing environment, with an attitude that we will never fail any young person. We use therapeutic parenting approaches that are proven to work with young people with attachment disorders, so that outcomes can be achieved, improving life chances for those in care. 

Management Profiles


Sonia Frankish - BSc Hons, DIPSW, PGDIp- HCPC registered

Sonia is a qualified social worker that has worked for twenty years in local authority children’s services. Sonia has worked within CAMHs for over 13 years and has worked as a CAMHS service manager for a number of years including the management of a CAMHS Children looked after specialist team. Sonia has always held a strong commitment to working with children in care and has presented nationally and internationally on the development of services and therapeutic models. Sonia has high levels of training in children mental health and therapeutic approaches and regularly trains on attachment theory, solution focused, narrative and systemic therapy approaches.  Sonia held a position on foster panel for a number of years and has regularly completed regulation 44 inspections. Sonia has a wealth of experience and passion to ensure high standards of excellence and outcomes in children’s residential care. Sonia is trained in systemic family therapy, DDP, AIMS, Multi systemic therapy (MST) children mental health, signs of safety and a number of therapeutic interventions. She is highly motivated to establish an outstanding children’s home utilising her mental health and therapeutic training to create a truly nurturing environment for young people.





Kerry Ford - BSc Hons, Business Management


Kerry Ford began her career as a respite foster carer at the early age of 18, leading to a 17-year career within residential childcare settings.  She has a BSc Hons degree in Business Management and retains a high level of knowledge in all aspect of providing care within a residential setting, risk assessment, managing challenging behaviour, and keeping children safe.  Kerry has played a key role in the growth and development of previous ventures, and has the knowledge and the capability to play a key role in The Place when joining forces with Sonia, complimenting each others strengths and working together to develop an exceptional service that supports best outcomes for all children through exceptional leadership.







Norman Chessman -  BA, MA, Dip SW, PG Dip Counseling, NLP- HCPC registered


Norman has worked with children and families for nearly 30 years, managing services for children with high-risk behaviours and complex needs. Norman has worked in local authority settings managing children secure accommodation, placement teams and EDT. Norman has extensive experience relating to managing and commissioning children residential care and ensuring that high quality standards are met. He is an experienced trainer and has presented frequently on topics relating to children and young peoples needs. Norman has a range of therapeutic qualifications including CBT and NLP and has extensive knowledge of working with young people presenting with highly challenging behaviour and mental health needs. Norman provides operational management oversight to the organisation and on call support to management ensuring robust management oversight.

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